At the Intersection of Service and Synergy is Customer Experience

By Colin Menchin & Summer Poletti

A hot topic across our industry is the increasing importance of employee engagement. While it may sound like a simple buzzword, it is actually critical to any successful business. Most employees do not leap out of bed in the morning excited by the prospect of making more profit for their organization that day. It takes something more to truly inspire them to give their very best to your customers. They need a purpose. Only then are they able to deliver a customer experience that keeps clients coming back again and again. This is even more paramount in a world where technology is delivered through a subscription model, which by nature allows customers to come and go when they feel they need a change.

There are many bright, well-qualified people out there you can hire, but only a few of them may be the right fit for your brand. Find the people who share your values and then teach them the skills they need; not the other way around. And once you have these people on your team, make sure you’re actively rewarding them for positive behaviors. By creating a strong, customer-focused culture with employees in place who believe in that culture and are rewarded for it, you can achieve a level of service that customers simply can’t find elsewhere and do not want to leave.

Kronos SaaShr and Payroll Tax Management (PTM) have been working together for several years now. Kronos SaaShr develops a robust human capital management (HCM) solution that is brought to market by a network of resellers, while PTM offers automated and ptm-newlogo-rgbcustomized payroll tax processing options to these resellers. Both organizations realized early on that they had a commonality; they were both “customer first” with a focus on providing the best products and services in their industry. Both organizations had the right people in place with a strong culture aimed at helping their customers. Given that PTM offers the tax processing component that Kronos SaaShr’s customers need, the two groups realized that combining forces could create a synergy that would benefit both of their clients.

One of the many service providers who has since experienced this synergistic effect is BeyondPay, based in Clinton, NJ. They have been utilizing both services together for years now, and as Michael Lynch, Director of Tax & Compliance at BeyondPay puts it, the benefits of BeyondPay, PTM, and Kronos SaaShr all working together are:

  • Increased efficiency for all
  • Growth opportunities
  • A competitive edge
  • More resources to better serve customers
  • Limited compliance-related exposure”

By hiring the right employees and creating strong cultures around service to their clients, and by joining forces with other complimentary organizations that also look to serve their customers, PTM and Kronos SaaShr have been able to create a customer experience together that excites customers. From sales to implementation to the account managers, both organizations are incredibly focused on making a great experience for clients and work with them to help them succeed. Neither PTM nor Kronos SaaShr look at clients as just “customers”, and these clients seem to not look at them as just “vendors”. That is what keeps clients coming back month after month, and year after year.


Payroll Tax Management is the Diamond Sponsor of Kronos SaaShr’s 2016 Partner Community Workshop (PCW), the largest payroll provider conference in the industry with over 200 attendees. If you’re attending PCW this week, stop by booth #5 to speak with PTM. PTM’s software systems and services include Payroll Tax Processing, Garnishment Payments, Automated W-2 Management, and New Hire Reporting. PTM features options from traditional full-service outsourcing to SaaS products.


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