Getting Ready for a Refreshing New Look at Human Capital Management

By Josh Davis

The new user interface (UI) of tomorrow is coming to the industry’s leading human capital management platform that has a single database across all applications…

Are you one of the select service providers that will have access to this for your clients? If so, here are three ways you can prepare

And if not, maybe it’s time to take a look at our partnership opportunities.

  1. Update Your Websitenewdash

Chances are you have some visuals of the platform on your website. It’s time to replace those. Also, does the look of your website reflect the consumer-grade UI you’ll be gaining access to and providing moving forward? As businesses come to expect the same level of technology they experience in their personal lives as in their professional lives, does your existing website convey that? The last thing you want is to have the best solution a company could ask for, but they wouldn’t know it because they never reached out after landing on your website, which looked great in 1995. If needed, redesign and clean up your website – you’re providing web-based software!

Also, replace dated language throughout your website with fresh and detailed industry buzzwords – like “SaaS payroll” or “HCM SaaS”, that will increase search engine visibility. Leverage social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to actively promote your company’s updated website and the new UI to keep everyone “in the know”.

  1. Refresh All Your Tools And Materials

All of the marketing tools and materials – both digital and traditional – should be thoroughly reviewed and updated wherever necessary.

Be sure to remove all irrelevant or outdated digital resources in order to maintain consistency throughout your website. Revitalizing your content will help to ensure that everything is relevant to current human capital management trends and consistent with your renewed focus on user interface and user experience. The more up-to-date your downloadable offers are, the more effective they will be in converting traffic that visits your site. By updating your online materials, you will not only do a better job converting suspects into prospects, but will have the opportunity to provide these to existing clients if there are upsell opportunities. After updating all of your materials, it’s always a good idea to test ALL the links and clickable icons to make sure your entire site is working properly.

These materials obviously only shouldn’t be updated on your website, but you’ll want to update all of your printed materials as well – that you’re taking to tradeshows, prospect meetings, etc. And these spread the gamut – stuff like printed brochures, booth displays, direct mailers, or print ads to name a few.

  1. Prepare Your Constituents

Of all the ways to prepare for the new UI refresh, getting your constituents on board may be the most challenging, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Planning ahead and taking a proactive approach to accommodate the needs of clients, prospects, and employees will help to make the transition a lot easier for everyone. Remember, the new interface has not removed or added core functionality of the existing software, but was rather created to simplify the interface, streamline navigation, and improve the overall experience for partners and end-users alike. It is important to give your employees sufficient time to use the new UI layout so that they are able to navigate the interface with ease and support clients effectively as soon as the change happens.

Keeping in communication with your client base is imperative before and during the UI refresh. Let your clients know of the upcoming improvements to the system through in-software updates, email, by phone, etc. Use your updated company website as a support tool by creating blog posts and forums aimed at engaging clients and answering their questions and concerns. As experienced service providers, you are the face of the software for your entire client base and should play a key role during this transition.

As the UI refresh approaches, we hope that you can apply some of these tips as we all embrace the improvements right around the corner. Use the new UI refresh as an opportunity to do some refreshing of your own to better service your clients and gain new business.

About Josh Davis:

Josh is the Channel Marketing Manager at Kronos SaaShr, and is responsible for driving the marketing strategy and plan aimed at increasing the growth of existing channel partners in addition to the recruitment of new channel partners.


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