4 Reasons Businesses Need to Be Outsourcing to a Local Service Provider

By Colin Menchin

As we roll out our final video in the Workforce Management Trends Series, we are focusing this week on the benefits of outsourcing a business’s workforce management needs. No matter the size, all businesses are required to manage their workforce in one way or another. Whether that’s through processing payroll, recording employee work hours, or even performing HR functions. It’s an ongoing process that has to be done promptly and more importantly, it has to be done right.

For small to midsized businesses, dealing with the everyday challenges of maintaining a successful operation can be stressful enough, let alone adding back office tasks to the mix. The one way for businesses to eliminate these often mundane and time-consuming tasks is to automate and outsource them to you, a trusted service provider. By offering your services and expertise in combination with an automated workforce management platform, businesses can finally get back to focusing on what they do best.

As you may know, the benefits of outsourcing workforce management functions are plentiful. However, we have included the top four reasons why outsourcing is beneficial (if not essential) to the success of small to midsized businesses.

  1. Lowers business expenses by reducing labor costs.

Automating and outsourcing workforce management processes results in fewer responsibilities for a business to have to worry about. This eliminates the need for unnecessary labor, such as bookkeeping or administration and allows the business to invest their money where it really counts.

  1. Helps businesses to minimize liabilities.

With constant changes in labor laws and regulations, and the intricacies of processes like tax filing, it becomes nearly impossible for smaller businesses to stay abreast of every detail involved. Noncompliance can become a huge problem for businesses, costing them thousands of dollars in penalties and legal fees. However, businesses who outsource these processes can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their service providers stay well-informed with all current laws and regulations to help them remain in compliance.

  1. Increases overall workforce productivity.

Outsourcing workforce management processes enables staff to concentrate on the core of their business’s success by freeing up their time from unnecessary tasks. With increased flexibility, a business can worry less about making sure things like payroll are processed on time and focus more on strategic initiatives that can improve their bottom line.

  1. Allows businesses to take advantage of service providers’ expertise and knowledge.

There are no better experts in the workforce management field than skilled, regional service providers. Equipped with tools and other valuable resources, they serve as local specialists to their clients. Automated workforce management platforms provide a great solution for routine tasks but service providers offer an extra advantage by giving professional insight and tailoring solutions to the specific needs of a business.

It’s hard to imagine businesses not seeing the value of outsourcing and automating workforce management functions. It’s cost-effective, reliable and better yet, it’s stress-free. To get further insight from experts on the benefits of outsourcing, watch this video.

Are there any additional benefits to workforce management outsourcing that you offer? Comment below to share your insight.

About Colin Menchin:

Colin is a Marketing Specialist at Kronos SaaShr responsible for the inbound and outbound marketing programs of the company along with other responsibilities within the department.


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