Like All Sales Professionals, Service Providers Need Their Network

By Rob Tiernan

Today’s post is the third and final in our mini-series by Rob Tiernan from LincWare. Click here to read the second post, which provides great tips on how the right strategy and technology can make a huge impact on the follow up conversations you have with prospects. LincWare, based in upstate NY, offers solutions to make the end of the sales process easier for payroll companies.

We’ve now covered some techniques for both starting the conversation with new prospects, as well as a variety of tools you can utilize when attempting to follow back up and reengage those prospects. Hopefully you were able to test out and see positive results in your pipeline from some of those tips.

Even before a prospect engages with you, it’s imperative that you position yourself well in order to be the person they reach out to when they need a service that you offer. You’re likely not the only person offering services in the marketplace, and both national players as well as other local providers are out there looking to do the same. So how do you make yourself stand out from the other people trying to be the expert in the same network as you? It can be tough, but our latest video in the series discusses proven techniques for leveraging LinkedIn, a tool many use, but few use as effectively as possible. It then goes on to share a great technique for tracking your relationship with the leads in your pipeline.

Your LinkedIn Profile

It all starts with your profile, the basic run-down of what you do and who you are. However, you don’t have to make it another version of your resume. By following some of the tips in the video, you’ll be able to populate your LinkedIn profile in a unique way that can generate a good deal of attention.

Networking on LinkedIn

Just like working a room at an industry event, LinkedIn is all about meeting people and building relationships. Reach out and be assertive. Remember, you’re all there for the same reason. But perhaps the most important message to keep in mind here is to “Give before you ask for”. Using a simple formula touted by LinkedIn as the most effective method for earning more connections, the video explains how this simple tactic has proven to bolster his sphere of influence and reputation in the service provider community.

Lead Scorecard

While the mantra of a sales team is usually “Do whatever it takes to make the sale”, you have to make sure you stay in control of the sales process. By this, we mean that the sales process should really be a give and take between you and your prospect. For instance, when a prospect asks for a demo, you should ask that their key decision makers be on the call in order to ensure the most effective use of your time. One technique to test out in your sales process is the use of a scorecard. This simple tool allows your sales team to gauge if the prospect you’re trying to close is good business, both from your perspective and that of the prospect’s, and that both sides are contributing throughout the process.

What are some tips and techniques you’ve found to be effective when utilizing LinkedIn? Please share your comments below.

About Rob Tiernan:

Rob joined LincWare in late 2013 to lead business development for LincDoc’s growing applications in outsourced business services. He brings a formidable background in account management, owning a unique touch for training, product development, and marketing. Having spent well over a decade with Paychex, Rob accumulated an impressive collection of recognitions in sales and account management, namely several Circle and Conference Qualifications and more than 1,000 clients sold. His approach to servicing and contributing to growing companies is what sets him apart and will allow him to flourish while educating the market on the many benefits of software-driven business decisions.


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