Tools and Technology Service Providers Can Use Today to Execute the Sales Process

By Rob Tiernan

Today’s post is the second in our mini-series by Rob Tiernan from LincWare. Click here to read the first, which provides great tips on how changing your initial conversations with prospects can help open the door to further conversation around the value of your services. LincWare, based in upstate NY, offers solutions to make the end of the sales process easier for payroll companies.

Hopefully you’ve tested the SEL method from the previous video, and that it has had a positive impact on your results with prospects. Now, let’s discuss how you can improve your effectiveness in the next steps in your sales process, and the tools and technology used to execute on it.

Even after an initial conversation with a prospect who seems interested in what you have to offer, getting their attention again isn’t always easy, especially given that you’re typically dealing with hectic business owners focused on running their business. It certainly won’t be regained with small talk, even if their local sports team just won a championship or they’ve been experiencing nice weather. However, that’s what your competitors are doing, so by changing your approach you should be able to catch their attention more easily. Sure, the competitor may be able to speak with a prospect via that approach every once in a while, but the reason that prospect hasn’t switched is because he/she hasn’t heard a message worth their limited time.

So let’s discuss some strategies for regaining the attention of a prospect.

Voicemail and Email

Let me guess, this is something you’re already using a lot when following up with prospects, right? But the way in which you utilize voicemail and email can make a drastic difference in the results you see from it. Remember, spammers also use these methods, so the key is using them in a different way that actually captures the prospect’s attention. After watching this week’s video, try incorporating the methods you learn about into your sales process. You may even be surprised at the power of your new voicemail and email follow up strategy, especially when they are put to work in unison to communicate the value you can provide.


Odds are you’re a technology solution provider, so you already know that technology can bring tremendous value. Beyond the basic voicemail/email approach and processes related to them, this video discusses some technology solutions that can be used to make your messages stand out. By utilizing technology, you’re better able to present yourself as consultant who is concerned more about that prospect’s business than your own sales expertise. Remember, make your message about them, not what you can do for them. Think about that.

I encourage you to grab some lunch or coffee and hit play. It’s our goal for you to learn at least one thing from each of these videos, and this one has a lot of things to learn. Also, feel free to use the comment box below for sharing your experiences and strategies in regards to prospect follow up.

About Rob Tiernan:

Rob joined LincWare in late 2013 to lead business development for LincDoc’s growing applications in outsourced business services. He brings a formidable background in account management, owning a unique touch for training, product development and marketing. Having spent well over a decade with Paychex, Rob accumulated an impressive collection of recognitions in sales and account management, namely several Circle and Conference Qualifications and more than 1,000 clients sold. His approach to servicing and contributing to growing companies is what sets him apart and will allow him to flourish while educating the market on the many benefits of software-driven business decisions.


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