Payroll Sales Are Challenging – How Can You Excel?

By Rob Tiernan

Today’s post is a guest post by Rob Tiernan from LincWare. LincWare sells solutions to make the end of the sales process easier for payroll companies. So, of course, it’s in their best interest to help their clients sell more deals, and that’s exactly Rob’s hope in the first part of this video and blog series. Enjoy! -Josh

Traditional methods of selling payroll are being rendered ineffective by a spike in more competition, bigger budgets by the national players, and a change in the way consumers buy products and services. So we want to help independent payroll providers develop a new message, a new way to bolster your bottom line.

We’ve developed this video blog series aimed directly at helping independent payroll providers earn more business without having to sacrifice your price or level of service.

What makes your software company qualified to offer such wisdom? Actually, you do.

LincWare has been working with independent payroll companies for the last several years. And prior to that, I specifically worked for 13 years at a “national payroll company” before stepping in to lead our Partner Development program here.

This first installment covers our approach to SELling. That is, Survival, Emotion, Logic.

This unique tactic overlaps very well with selling payroll services because it succinctly addresses the key concepts the most common payroll industry prospects react to when approached with a product or service. Its goal is to set you apart from so many other payroll companies, and most importantly, the well-funded national players.

SELling isn’t some hokey mantra or fodder for motivational posters; it’s simply a reminder to touch on a few fundamental concepts when you call on a prospect. Simple stuff, but very often neglected.

Do you currently try to grow your business through referral partnerships with CPA firms? This tactic is also very beneficial when approaching these CPAs. Ask them about their industry, and how they compete with the national players in their world. That’s the point about SELling, it’s widely applicable.

We hope you take the few minutes to watch this video, the first of three in a payroll tips and tactics series in conjunction with the fine readers here at Workforce Management Channel.

All that being said, you know better than anyone what works, what’s changing, and where things are headed. So please, offer suggestions in the comment section. Let’s build a solid community of shared ideas and payroll sales skills.

About Rob Tiernan:

Rob joined LincWare in late 2013 to lead business development for LincDoc’s growing applications in outsourced business services. He brings a formidable background in account management, owning a unique touch for training, product development, and marketing. Having spent well over a decade with Paychex, Rob accumulated an impressive collection of recognitions in sales and account management, namely several Circle and Conference Qualifications and more than 1,000 clients sold. His approach to servicing and contributing to growing companies is what sets him apart and will allow him to flourish while educating the market on the many benefits of software-driven business decisions.


2 thoughts on “Payroll Sales Are Challenging – How Can You Excel?

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