Positioning Your Payroll and HR Company as a Digital Thought Leader

By Colin MenchinQuora-Icon 2

Have you ever had a question on your mind and wanted a quick answer from a reliable source? Let’s say you have a tree growing in your yard and want to know what species it is. 20 years ago, you may have opened up the phonebook and called your local arborist or tree trimming service to have them take a look. Today, you’d probably just go online to try and find the answer. And many of your prospective clients are doing just that to understand burning questions around time and attendance, payroll, HR, and related topics.

Through the power of the Internet, we are presently experiencing a communication revolution, whereby people are able to receive quick, sometimes immediate answers to their questions from experts all over the world. There are several websites out there that provide a question-and-answer service to users.  Quora, a community-based website created in 2009 by two former Facebook employees, is just one example, and takes the old question-and-answer websites to a completely new level. For starters, Quora aggregates questions and answers to topics such as “payroll software”, “human resources management systems”, and “workforce management”.

These types of websites allow industry experts in those fields, like you, to quickly read and respond to the questions being asked by other users. In Quora specifically, answers can be voted up by community members who agree, in order to give that answer more credence to readers. Community members may also suggest edits to existing answers, in order to keep responses accurate and up-to-date. The website has even attracted some famous responders such a NBA player Jeremy Lin, business magnate and investor Mark Cuban, and AOL Co-founder Steve Case. On top of all that, it’s free to use and answering questions takes very little time.

So why should you be using these types of websites?

In today’s business marketing landscape, the old style of interruption marketing (TV/radio commercials, magazine ads, press releases, cold calling, etc.) is being phased out. Instead, the more effective marketing efforts are coming from inbound marketing techniques, whereby consumers with a need seek out the solution themselves. And on these sites, there are many potential customers asking questions right now that you could be answering in just a few minutes of your time. This not only allows you to share your knowledge with them, establishing you and your business as an industry expert, but can also lead to a new client with almost zero resources invested.

Let’s see if you’re able to answer these questions that were asked by real users on Quora:

  • What are the best web-based payroll services for companies under 50 employees?
  • What are the factors to consider when adopting a payroll system for your business?
  • If you owned a small business, how much would you pay for a tool to track your employees’ paid time off and sick leave?
  • Does anyone use a reputable SaaS based HR recruiting solution?
  • What’s the most efficient way of tracking employee hours?

Are you ready to give digital thought leadership a try? Check out this blog post entitled “Are You Using Quora in Your Social Strategy? 8 Tips to Do It Right” to learn how you can successfully utilize these kinds of sites to further grow your business.

About Colin Menchin:
Colin is a Marketing Specialist at SaaShr responsible for the marketing strategy and programs of the company along with other responsibilities within the department.


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