5 Ways SaaS Providers Can Increase Client Retention Through User Adoption

By Colin Menchin

SaaS-based workforce management platforms offer a lot of advantages over legacy systems, which has led to increased demand in the marketplace from small to mid-sized businesses. The SaaS model allows users to be billed monthly based on system use, rather than charging that user a large upfront fee at the time the contract is signed. This is both good and bad news for the service providers offering these services:

What’s great about the SaaS model? The better a provider is with client acquisition, and the higher adoption per client on the software, the more recurring revenue the service provider can collect.

What difficulties come along with the SaaS model? If the client isn’t satisfied with the software, or can’t get the rest of their organization to adopt it, they’re able to typically cancel at any time.

So what are the top five ways service providers can capitalize on building a strong revenue stream with existing customers?

  1. Focus heavily on training and implementation. When clients’ organizations aren’t able to fully adopt the system due to a lack of proper training and support, there is a good chance they’ll cancel the service and find another vendor. In many cases like these, you won’t even able to cover the cost of acquiring that new client. With marketing, sales, and implementation costs, it’s much more of an investment of resources to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. Taking the time to really develop a strategy focused on properly training and implementing new clients can lead to increased adoption early on and a smoother user experience for that client’s employees when using your solution.
  2. Provide excellent customer support when clients need help. It is software as a service after all. Nothing is more frustrating to a user than being unable to get adequate support on the service they’re paying for. You’ve got to keep clients much happier than you have in the past with SaaS-based solutions. You can do so by creating a stellar support team, and by allocating the proper resources to build support materials and a framework to address client questions as they arise.
  3. Offer integrated support features. Today’s more advanced workforce management solutions now offer integrated support tools within the solution itself. This not only solves issues quickly and easily for the client, yielding a great value for them, but it is also going to reduce the overall burden and associated costs on the service provider’s support team by reducing the number of inquiries. New clients may require some hand-holding during their implementation and do not always remember all of their training, so by having the right tools in place, clients can support themselves. Clients also find these types of tools to be a great way for them to onboard new hires without requiring other employees to spend as much time helping that new employee learn your solution.
  4. Supply constant enhancements. Another one of the great benefits of the SaaS model is that it allows for a steady stream of system enhancements. Providing constant enhancements and updates to your system keeps users engaged and shows your commitment to providing them with a great experience. It also tells your clients that you’re providing one of the most up-to-date solutions out there.
  5. Have a concentrated upsell effort. Not only should you have account managers to ensure clients stay happy, but by employing this team, you’re also able to identify any opportunities that may arise to upsell them on additional ancillary products or services. The more services you’re able to get a client to actively use within your platform to manage their business, the harder it will be for that client to stop using your technology. Not only will they be accustomed to your system for a wide variety of functions and processes, but they will also have a harder time finding another provider with everything they need under one roof.

In order to retain these clients, and keep them productive and satisfied with their workforce management solution, you as their service provider simply need to offer solutions that are easy to learn and easy to use while maintaining a very strong focus on customer support.

A SaaS-based workforce management solution can be a win-win for service providers and their clients, affording great benefits for both parties involved. If you are interested in providing a workforce management system with an integrated training and support tools, click here to learn more about KnowledgePass, one of our newest products that service providers are seeing make a positive impact on their user adoption and client retention.

About Colin Menchin:
Colin is a Marketing Specialist at SaaShr responsible for the marketing programs of the company along with other responsibilities within the department.


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