Top Five Time and Attendance Problems and Solutions for PEOs

By Tracy Hofmann Roth

Timekeeping software provides an efficient way to complete payroll processes for PEOs, but when a company experiences issues with their system this may cause more of a hassle than they anticipated. PEO Insider published an article which discusses the top five problems and solutions with time and attendance for PEOs.

Biometric Clocks

One common problem revolves around biometric clocks and their low success rate. Biometric clocks rely on a unique feature such as a fingerprint which makes it impossible for buddy punching and simplifies the clocking in and out process. These devices are ideal for environments with low moisture but when placed outside of this type of environment issues may occur. To ensure a higher success rate in all environments, biometric devices are available that measure a hand’s geometry rather than a specific attribute like a fingerprint. Although a higher cost is associated with this specific biometric clock, providing a higher success rate and increased durability are key to a clients’ happiness.

Lack of Integration

Having a lack of integration within applications like time and attendance, payroll, and human resources can cause errors within payroll. For example, you may not always be notified when an employee is terminated so confirming you have the appropriate tools or exports and imports to enable communication between applications is important. Another solution to avoid payroll errors is by calling your provider and finding out what integrations are currently in place. Delivering applications on a single database can allow for minimal errors within payroll since information runs seamlessly across each solution.

Missing Punches

Another frequent issue deals with missing punches that  require onsite corrections. Missing punches from a client’s employees can be problematic and may result in holding up payroll. Modern systems have the ability to enable email notifications which would alert a manager when there is an instance of a missing punch. Also, a dashboard-type screen is a helpful solution to this problem by providing managers with a quick view of items that need to be addressed before a pay period is closed.

Lack of Flexibility

Depending on your timekeeping system, scheduling functionality may cause issues with clients due to its lack of flexibility. Some clients may want to restrict their employees from punching in prior to their scheduled time or simply choose to use the schedule as a guideline. Offering a time and attendance software that recognizes when an employee is scheduled or not could ease this problem along with a system that provides a flagged punch when an employee clocks in on a non-scheduled workday.

Unrealistic Expectations

The last commonly known problem with time and attendance applications is that clients have unrealistic expectations of the software, especially those who are transitioning over from manual entry systems. A great way to resolve this issue is by providing future clients with an extensive questionnaire that aids in the determination of each client’s particular needs. This will assist you in the sales process and in informing prospective clients on exactly what your timekeeping system can and cannot handle.

Using a time and attendance software assists PEOs in the completion of payroll in a proficient manner, but there are times when issues arise. If you start to notice a high level of problems within your system and have brought it to the attention of your provider, but no enhancements have been made; it may be a good time to start reevaluating your solution to make sure you are offering your clients with the best technology available.

If you know of any additional problems within time and attendance software for PEOs, please feel free to leave a comment. To read the full length article in PEO Insider, click here.

About Tracy Hofmann Roth:
Tracy is Professional Services & Support Manager at SaaShr responsible for managing a team of application specialists to successfully implement, train, and support partners.


3 thoughts on “Top Five Time and Attendance Problems and Solutions for PEOs

  1. Swati

    At my work place biomatric machine installed. But when i going to punch on machine sometime it accepting some time not accepting. I do not understand the reason. Why its happens frequently.

    1. Biometric devices can have higher failure rates than a traditional card reader device. However, you may be experiencing higher failure rates because your device needs to be cleaned. This must be done carefully. For our next post we’ll write an article on how you should clean your biometric fingerprint devices.

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